sunday worship at a cemetery

On Sunday we decided to walk to the cemetery what we found was a beautiful and peaceful place full of love and creativity. There is something so rejuvenating to the soul about seeing how loved people are.

LOVE the idea of having a more organic headstone my favorite it the one in the left.

These were by far the most intriguing stones because the cause of death was listed on stone. Clockwise: Commissioner  John G. Mills,  Shooting of July 4, 1883; Doc Duty killed by snowslide at Toponas Mine Feb. 1883;  Robert Plummer,  Jan. 1883,  murdered by Wilson Waldren;   Andy Myers,  Summer 1883,  Killed by lightning as he dug well east of courthouse. 

The stone on the right was hand crafted by chiseling out stone then pouring metal in the groves.

I thought cement was a clever solution the mass grave of the Johnston Children was so sad.

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