i am embarking on a new project. i have abandoned my original BFA project reasons for letting it go are many but to rehash that wouldn't be of benefit. instead i will give you a bit of history on this new project. last week i sat on my couch after a slightly frustrating school day and feeling quite done and knowing it was time to start over. i thought of how different and unique my perspective and experience in the world is. i thought of all the alternative communities that i am a part of before i knew it i was in tears and full of thankfulness and joy. it dawned on me that i have been missing some things that used to be in my practice those things being storytelling, documentation, community and PEOPLE. as i was thinking of communities i thought of times when the home feels like a community. i noticed that when i made and baked bread it would attract people into the kitchen essentially creating a community of shared interest. i have fond memories of making and baking bread even in europe having my dear friends with me in the kitchen chatting and laughing. every time i am baking bread i am happy. creating something with my hands is instantly gratifying and the joy of sharing it is unmistakeable. creation in any form is spiritual and grounds me. im so very happy that this project came and fell on me from a genius. bread is fascinating in every way artistically, scientifically, spiritually the more research i do the more in love i become with it. i have two months to get this project big enough for my BFA show. so i need help to do this. i need stories and people who bake bread to let me be a part of their community. if you fit the bill i need you. 

here are some links that i found inspiring about bread things.

1) I was touched by the sentiments found in the poem about love and bread daily bread by barbara kingsolver 2) an npr interview with william alexander about his fun adventure in his book 52 loaves which be the way is a lovely read. 3) a lovely and humble post about bread by friend rachel. 

do you have a memory in the kitchen with your family or friends? as i continue with this project how do i involve my lovely friends that are out of the country and out of the state? 

next post: first bread story