brain food five

Jann Haworth "Art History of the 20th C.",  Trent Alvey "Creator Destroyer",  Pam Bowman "Becoming",  Amy Jorgensen "Body"

I LOVE LOVE LOVED the newest show at the BYUMOA description of the show as follows "Explore the complex issues surrounding woman's work and the unique gender politics of the Beehive State through the contemporary artworks of four artists living and creating in Utah. WORK TO DO."
i found this show so interesting. i am in love with contemporary art so i was in heaven. i can't pick my favorite piece each woman had artwork that spoke differently to me. i enjoyed Jann's work for the handy craft and the art history aspects of it. Trent's work is very spiritual and has a deep seeded yearning to it. Pam's work was big and beautiful philosophically and visually i could stand and look at her work for hours its fascinating. Amy's work has aspects of humour woven in it which i enjoy but she also seems to tackle the sometimes hard to talk about aspects of sexual desire. the show is up until September 28th GO SEE IT!

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